Donations and Tax Credit Information

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As the December 31st calendar deadline approaches and you are considering your charitable donations for the 2019 income tax year, please consider donating to the riding association. Your donation will directly assist our efforts to restore and maintain a strong conservative voice in our community.  

Every dollar you donate will go to our Kanata-Carleton riding association and to our community initiatives in Kanata and in West Carleton.

Here is a direct link where you can donate on-line:

(click the button) 

By making this political donation, you will receive a generous tax credit when you file your 2019 taxes. The maximum an individual person can donate in a calendar year is $1,600. The amount of the credit depends on how much you give. The rate is:

  • 75% on the first $415 donated
  • 50% on the portion of your donation between $415 and $1,600

To receive credit for your contributions simply claim the credit on your personal income tax and benefit return. Official tax receipts will be mailed by February 28th in time for your tax filing.

Please note contributions cannot be divided between you and your spouse or common-law partner if only one receipt was issued.

Corporations are not permitted to contribute.

On behalf of the Board of the Kanata-Carleton Ontario PC Riding Association, we wish you a Merry Christmas and the very best through this wonderful time of year -- and a healthy and prosperous 2020!


Mary Ann Lamb


Kanata-Carleton Ontario PC Riding Association