Riding Association Board Meeting Reviews 2021 Activities

Board met virtually February 3, 2021 

Kanata-Carleton PC Riding Association Board met virtually on Feb 3, 2021.

MPP Dr. Merrilee Fullerton spoke as well as Riding President Mary Ann Lamb. Rob Dekker, PC Ontario eastern region VP provided an update from the Party Executive.

“There will be a lot going on throughout 2021,” says Mary Ann Lamb. “Residents of Kanata and West Carleton who are interested in participating in discussions on provincial issues in our community are welcome to join our PC association. I encourage everyone to follow the riding association on Facebook and follow the news on our website.” 

The Kanata-Carleton Ontario PC Riding Association Facebook page can be found here: Kanata-Carleton Ontario PCs  

At the recent meeting the Board passed its 2021 budget. There was also discussion of the year’s communication plan which is developed to provide regular, accurate information for Kanata Carleton residents on Ontario PC government’s initiatives and conservative values.

If interested in receiving news of the riding association or joining the local Ontario PCs, please contact Mary Ann Lamb at the following email: [email protected] – or connect directly with the riding association at [email protected] 


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