Merrilee Fullerton Acclaimed PC Candidate In Kanata-Carleton

Our PC Candidate in the 2022 Ontario Election 

September 26, 2020 — Dr. Merrilee Fullerton has been acclaimed the PC candidate for the 2022 Provincial Election in the riding of Kanata-Carleton. The official announcement was made today at a Kanata-Carleton Ontario PC Riding Association meeting held over a Zoom call.


Riding President Mary Ann Lamb made the announcement on behalf of the Kanata-Carleton Riding Association Board, the Ontario PC Party Executive and Premier Doug Ford.

On behalf of the Board, the Riding President congratulated the Kanata-Carleton candidate, “Dr. Merrilee Fullerton has been a strong voice for Kanata and West Carleton at Queen’s Park and we are delighted that she will carry the PC banner into the next provincial election in 2022.”

During the meeting, MPP Merrilee Fullerton spoke about the current issues surrounding the provincial response to COVID-19. She spoke of the continued support provided to individuals and businesses affected by the pandemic. The MPP mentioned her campaign promoting “Buy Local” and also ensuring the business and high tech community stays informed of the provincial economic initiatives. The MPP also mentioned her Community Office staff that have been constant in providing assistance to individuals and community groups through the Province’s shutdown and recovery periods this year.

Residents of Kanata and West Carleton who are interested in staying informed with the activities of local Ontario Progressive Conservations can contact the Riding Association via email: [email protected]